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The National Day Zigong tourist were welcomed "salt, dragon, lamp" theme tourism riseThe National Day Zigong tourist were welcomed "salt, dragon, lamp" theme tourism rise

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Daughter was interested in the dinosaur museum since a child,chengdu's father realize hers dream on National Day


"My daughter was fond of dinosaurs since he was young, and she also wanted to go to  the Zigong dinosaur museum. although, we live in Chengdu, we still can't make it because of all kinds of reasons these years. " teacher Luo said, this year her daughter was admitted to the University, so there is a special trip for his family to Zigong during the National Day , to achieve  the daughter's  childhood dinosaur museum dreams.

It is understood,the Zigong dinosaur museum is the most representative tourist attraction in Zigong. During the National Day, it was estimated that the number of visitors was about 110 thousand in 1st 8th Oct, an increase of about 12% over the same period. In this period,  one day the number of passengers broke through 20 thousand which reach the peak.

"During the national day of the year, we launched interactive experiential movements, such as Jurassic - Dragon interaction, extreme Jurassic - and dragon race. The former uses the most advanced AR skills. When passengers intervene, it can interact with dinosaurs based on voice and picture, and find eggs, feeding, playing, dancing, fighting. With virtual reality, let passengers experience the adventures of dinosaurs. The latter is also an interactive experience with the use of high tech body sense. The dinosaurs who choose to disagree with them are very interesting in the rate of infection of the dinosaurs. these was described by the Zigong museum staff.

the Zigong museum staff said, every year's  national day, the dinosaur museum was welcomed from Sichuan, Chongqing and  Yunnan,Beijing, Guizhou Shanghai tourists. There are also many passengers from Chengdu and Zigong which drive a  car. "Everyone's attention is "the treasure of the museum" Taibai Huayang dragon,Passengers toke photos with the dinosaur fossilized skeleton.

Set up a national 4A scenic spot "Salt, dragon, lamp" theme Tour

During the National Day, not only the Zigong Dinosaur Museum was wellcomed, but also the Dinosaur full fun kingdom,Shenhaijing Scenic Area use the  "salt" and "dragon" as the theme,located in Daan District. In recent years, Zigong lantern has continuously created a new high guest reception. It also has held the "globe Lantern Show". 100 lantern shows  were held in the 100 cities around the world. The Zigong tour with salt, dragon and lantern as the theme will gradually become a new highlight and hot spot in Zigong.

In August this year, the 10 report of Zigong City Fuxi River Culture Expo Park, Shenhaijing scenic area, Jianshan scenic area, Guanyin Lake scenic spot, Aiye ancient town, Fushun Confucious'temple West Lake, hometown of flowers 7 stars lake scenic spot, Xian City ancient town, Yu Zhang Sang Zi, Rose Sea scenic spot established national 4A level scenic spots,  were the largest number of one-time through the process of scenic spots taken, national 4A level scenic spots founded the crux of a step, the next step for the victory of the creation of national 4A level scenic spot lay a solid foundation.

In the future, Zigong will create a number of scenic spots which attention to the inherent characteristics , dig out the culture of "salt, dragon and lantern", and tell the old story of new stories, let the historical culture and the contemporary culture reflect each other, and transform the unreplicable historical culture into the new uptrend of regional growth. At the same time, we should fully induce property culture, and distribute the property sites in an inorganic way, and set up artisans' energy and property culture, and clearly outline the evolution process of this old property. In the future, we will also develop new tourism highlights, focus on creating a number of health care, health, farming experience tourism projects, combined to achieve scenic tour items, leisure, vacation, a special tour of the red culture, embracing growth; Buddhism culture, reform promotion a number of scenic spots; surrounded by air property, create a number of Sightseeing Leisure, fly the growth of aviation sports experience names, cultural characteristics of scenic spots.

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