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New Jurassic Park is Opening


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                                              New Jurassic Park is Opening


After 2 months works, our new Jurassic Park is opening this week at Chicony Square, Chengdu. Now we are on trial operation till the end of Aug. Then the park will open grandly.


Now let me show you about our Jurassic Park.

This Jurassic Park is designed to provide a playground for children under 12 where they can both play and learn some knowledge.


In this Jurassic Park, the kids can learn to know many kinds of dinosaurs and their habits, like T rex, Carnotaurus, Dilophosaurus, Triceratops, brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus and many other dinosaurs.

They can lean how those dinosaur moving, roaring and eating.They can also train those dinosaurs, ride on them like a real dragon knight.



Here also have dinosaur skeleton and fossils dig site. We teach the kids how id the fossils come and how to dig them out from the earth.(The fossils dig site will open after we open grandly.)


The largest dinosaur in this Jurassic Park is this 6 meters high brachiosaurus. All the kids will see it as soon as they get in this Jurassic Park.


Kids also can play the dinosaur block and paint their own dinosaur.


After we open, many kids and parents come in and play there happy.