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New Era Dinosaurs


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                                                    New Era Dinosaurs

All our animatronic dinosaurs are designed and built in our factory here in Zigong by our professional team of designers, engineers, sculptors and artists - each with highly skilled in their craft and Focusing the dinosaurs(animals) more than 10 years.


And it turns out that. Our Dinosaurs not only look and sound real, they have their own character and appeal. This is owing to that our team pay a lot attention to the details when they build each dinosaur – be it size, features, skin texture, color or movements.


More importantly, New Era Dinosaurs are built to work more efficiently and reliably. Our team use steel and skin material made from a special urethane compound - a compound that protects New Era dinosaurs against sun, rain and snow, making them perfect to display the dinosaurs in the natural environment.


Each of our dinosaur is fitted with its own computer chips to activate and control the movements and to produce the sounds. The realistic movements on our dinosaurs are powered by a electrical system to produce more smoother and finer movements.


Besides, all our animatronic dinosaurs sold out receive 2 years guarantee by our company who ensure the dinosaurs continue looking good and working well. The parts under warranty: Motors, Control box, Infrared sensor, skin repair, speakers, etc.