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New Dino Park will land in Shanghai China


Time:2018-07-24 14:43:47 | Browse: | Tag: Animatronic dinosaur park  


      Giant Monster     Land in Shanghai

The most authentic restoration of the original features of the earth hundreds of millions years ago,

                                                      Make you feel were in the Jurassic World,

                                                       Feel the glory of the earth king-Dinosaurs!


            All kinds Dinosuars

                           Do you want to talking  with these dinosaurs at zero distance?

                                             Ultra-realistic electric dinosaurs, lifelike.

                              The real dinosaurs from the sci-fi films,that's too exciting.


              There are also many cute animal cars for kids,let your kids to be a real warrior.


                                     Experience the fun of riding a real dinosaur~

                                               how about it! Will you like it?

                                     Of course, our fun is far more than these.

                                We also invited many guests from the animal world.


If you want to create you own kids paly zone,you can contact us to ask for help.