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How to build a Mini Dinosaur Park?


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How to build a Mini Dinosaur Park?


  As the global economy recovers, the interactive experience-based science theme mini-amusement park is beginning to be popular around the world. This kind of mini park can be opened in the mall, the required site area is very small, the management is much easy(2 or 3 people can take care of it), the benefit is good, and it can complement the shopping mall.

  So how do you build a Mini Dinosaur Park?

  First of all, to determine a site of no less than 200 square meters, it is outdoor or indoor both ok.

  Second, to determine your thematic, cartoon character? rainforest thematic? insect-thematic? dinosaur-thematic or other thematic that you think will attract kids?

  Third, design according to the site conditions (shape, length and width, height limit), determine the core model of your thematic (such as rainforest, you can choose large orangutans, elephants; Grassland, you can choose large giraffes; Dinosaurs, you can choose Tyrannosaurus Rex or Snapdragon, etc. Representative animals as the core and symbol of the park)

  Fourth, the functional section of the venue is divided: model exhibition section, children's interactive play section, rest catering section, gift store section and so on. Just do it what you think will attract kids and looks perfect. But remember keep it useful and safety.


   Here is a Mini Dinosaur Park we are building now. Let's see what we did when we built it.


1. The entire site has an area of 600 square meters and is located indoors with a height limit of 6 meters. It is suitable for a large Mini Dino Park.3 or 5 servers will be enough for this Park,

2.. We have defined the thematic as a comprehensive Jurassic world, including not only dinosaurs, but also other models of animals and insects for decoration and display throughout the park. We think it will match this 600 square meters. And become more attraction for kids.

3.. As the core and logo of the entire park, we will design a place on the right side of the entrance.

The dinosaur fossil skeleton of nearly 30 meters in length, while in its area is decorated with other small animals and plants. Will it looks very amazing?

4.. We distinguish the functions of the venue: model display zone (red, brown, dark green and light blue), blue for slim dining and gift shop sections, and the rest are children's interactive play sections.

Then the park become a comprehensive park, not only for paly, but also for food and shopping.

You will like it,right?