Dino Ride / Dino Ride

  • Cute and solft giraffe kids ride on cars
  • Dino Ride
  • US $599/ Set | 1 Set/Sets ride (Min. Order)
  • Accept Trade Assurance Orders,Offer Excellent After-sales Service.
  • Brand: New Era Dinosaur
  • FOB port: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Chongqin
  • Delivery Time: 20~30 days after payment.


We New Era Dinosaurs customize any type of Animatronic Dinosaur Ride, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Dilophosaurus etc.

Operated Mode: Inserting Coin (custom coin machine),Remote Cont

rol,Scan Code by cellphone.

Custom fiberglass chair, safety belt, game coins, ladders etc.

Do you want to be a Jurassic warrior? Ordering our animatronic dinosaur ride, and having opportunity to

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