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New Era Dinosaur Will Bring Animatronic Dinosaurs On Tour


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New Era Dinosaur Will Bring Animatronic Dinosaurs On Tour

Our duty is bringing the world a real Jurassic world that people can know what the world is look like 200 million years ago and what is the dinosaurs look like. We want to help people to

Learn that we are not the owner of the earth, but the earth is.


That’s why we design and build lots of Jurassic/Dinosaur/Natural Theme parks, or just sale our Animatronic Dinosaurs and Animals to the museum/park around the world.



We hope that visitors will have a greatest experience when they see life-size animatronic dinosaurs and see real fossils.

So we do a lot a works, we use the best artists, best workers, best technicians. In now days, we make our animatronic dinosaurs more functions, the key is Interaction with tourists and Better customer experience.


The dinosaurs on display are depicted in the environment in which they lived and are grouped together with other dinosaurs that they would have interacted with, be it good or bad.


PHOTOS: Dinosaurs at NEW ERA Dinosaur Show Room in Guangzhou


There are more than 40 pieces dinosaurs. Augmented reality applications let visitors see themselves with 3D versions of the dinosaurs, and there’s also a play area for future paleontologists to unearth fossils.

We are looking for partner to start our “Jurassic Dinosaurs Global Tour”, we need a strong company that with experience in exhibits and tour business in Usa and Uk. We will supply the animatronic dinosaurs, and you guys run the Dinosaur Tour in local market.


If you are interesting, just send us a mail or call us!

+86 16602829025