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Dinosaurs Reborn In "Dinosaur Valley"


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Dinosaurs Reborn In "Dinosaur Valley"

Great mountains and waterfall, Birds flying on flowers, Tea and Fruit, Such a beautiful place. This may be the view of the standard Huaguo Mountain in the mind of most people. In reality, does Chongqing have such a “Huaguo Mountain”? The answer is definitely yes. "The 2018 China Three Gorges (Phoenix Huaguo Mountain) Rural Tourism Culture Festival and Harvest Celebration will be held from September 29 to October 8 in Phoenix Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area. By then, citizens can not only participate in a series of relaxing rural tourism activities, but also experience the “Flower and Fruit Mountain” of Wanzhou in Chongqing with beautiful landscapes such as a thousand acres of flowers, a dinosaur world, and Phoenix Tea Mountain.


We got that during this Tourism Culture Festival,They combines scenic spots with local rural folk customs, and designs a lot of good and delicious leisure activities. In particular, the “Dreams World” for children is a large-scale playground for children and a “Dinosaur Valley” that full of dinosaurs in the two kilometers valley. All of the dinosaurs in this dinosaur valley are made according to a true dinosaur size in a 1:1 ratio. Through the combination of mechanical, electronic chips, infrared sensors and other technologies, these artificial dinosaurs have gained new vitality, allowing them to reborn in this small world, enjoy their roaring and playing with happiness. Here you can see the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex, the terrible Carnotaurus, the venomous spray Dilophosauridae , the tall Brachiosaurus, the laying eggs Parasaurolophus, and so on.

Let’s ride with those dinosaurs in this Dinosaur Valley.