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Dinosaur and Dragon Costumes |T-Rex Costumes|Animatronic Costumes


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Dinosaur and Dragon Costumes |T-Rex Costumes|Animatronic Costumes

Where to buy Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex Costume, and Dragon Costumes?And what kind of Animatronic Costumes can be make?


There's nothing like going back to Jurassic times with one Animatronic Dinosaur and real T-Rex costumes! Or taking a trip back to the Myth World and revisiting some of the old Dragon myths in one of our costumes. Dinosaurs Costumes are the perfect Costumes for Halloween Party, Theme park show, and performance activities.


You will love our realistic Raptor Costume, and you can be the super star in the party. They can be made into super frightening costumes or you could be a super lovable dinosaur by control the dinosaur costume.


We even have a large collection of animatronic dinosaur costumes modeled after Jurassic park and Jurassic World, such as the great T-Rex costumes and Raptor Costumes! You can just send us the photos of the dinosaur you want, then we can bring you a real dinosaur. You can wear it and control it do what you want it to do.


You can be a Dragon in the coming Halloween Party! We have so many options and so real dragon costumes. We have cute and fiercely dragons, baby dragons, spray fog(water) dragons, we have them all! You can get the animatronic dragon costume that you wanted. No mater you want a popular Toothless costume from How to Train your Dragon, or you're a Game of Thrones fan looking for a companion dragon to go with your Daenerys costume, or passionate about Prehistory and its dinosaurs, or you just love dragons, you'll find what you're looking for at New Era Dinosaur. To find out more about Dinosaur/Dragon costumes, and why they're so damn popular, click here!