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Indoraptor Vs Indominus Rex || Who will win?


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                                                          Indoraptor Vs Indominus Rex || Who will win?

Dear dinosaur fans, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has been on the screen for some days. Did you go to cinema and watch it?

How do you feel? Did you scared by dinosaurs in special effects technology? And find your favorite dinosaur?


A new boss appeared in this movie: Indoraptor


This is a new species of dinosaur created by Dr. Wu using gene from Raptor Bru and the Indominus Rex. It's bady is weird,dark and black, with golden stripes on both sides from the neck to the tail. Like the Indominus Rex,it is an evil dinosaur that is fierce and witty, has a terrifying appearance and thorns. It will violently attack the target of infrared. The shape of the head looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex and there are many red spots around it's eyelids.It is so beautiful!

When it come into the siliver screen,I can't stop thinking of the super boss in the last movie: Indominus Rex


The Indominus Rex is larger than the Tyrannosaurus rex, and the forepaw resembles the raptor, also have thorns like the Carnotaurus. Its head and mouth looks like a Giganotosaurus. It’s mouth is very large, but its biting force is slightly smaller than Tyrannosaurus Rex.


What happens when we put them in one room? Will Indominus Rex win or Indoraptor win?

In fact, I am more worried about that they will have a recognition, because Indoraptor has Indominus-Rex’s gene, they will treat each other as their own family.


At the end of the movie, the dinosaurs were free from the lab by the little girl. Will they re-rule the world after 200 million years? What will happen to humanity?


I can’t wait for the next movie of the Jurassic world.


We also have plans to start making full-size Inominus Rex and Indoraptor soon, They are animatronic dinsoaurs, can roaring and moving like the real ones,and they will be transport to the United States and displayed publicly.

Let’s look forward to it together!