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New exhibit to bring 50 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs to you


Time:2018-06-14 11:13:42 | Browse: | Tag: Animatronic dinosaur  

Dinosaurs are coming to you now!!!

Land of the Dinosaurs will have more than 50 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, pterodactyl, velociraptor, and stegosaurus, when it opens in November, according to a news release.

It will be the latest attraction to join the Hengda Plaza. 

People will be able to see dinosaurs in their prehistoric habitats, in addition to excavating fossils, dinosaur rides and informational galleries.

Those Animatronic Dinosaurs are from Professional Animatronics Factory in China:Zigong New Eara Dinosaur Landscape Manufacture Co.,Ltd.They bring 16 meters long Brachiosaurus,and 13 meters long T rex.


This exhibition is divided into fossils science exhibitions, interactive entertainment, children's dinosaurs, and large model displays. Waiting for you!

The most attractive thing is that you can play with the real Dinosaurs here!!Only Here!